Finding Inspiration: Geometric Workshop

This post is brought to you by Rebecca B., who creates our workshops. Here she tells you how she found the inspiration for our newest workshop, Geometric Decor, happening Thursday, April 24. 


Two of my favorite trends at the moment are geometric patterns and gold-dipped accents.  I love the fresh, bold punch geometrics can bring to a room and how fun and easy it is to create different patterns.  I also like a little bit of gold with everything, so the two seemed like a perfect match. This, in a nutshell, was how the Geometric Decor workshop was born!

Creating this workshop, I was inspired by everything from garlands, to artwork to throw rugs.  You can check out some of my inspiration on our workshop Pinterest board.

I was also inspired by some of my favorite Paper Source geometric products!

The Geometric Decor workshop is on Thursday, April 24th, from 6 – 8 p.m. and is going to be a fun night with refreshments and creativity!  After taking the class, you’ll walk away with a dimensional prism mobile that looks great hanging on a wall or suspended from the ceiling. You’ll also tap your inner artist to create an 8″ x 10″ piece of art – you get to customize it by picking your palette (Mint or Fuchsia) and pattern (3 choices available). And you will also come away with a geometric embossed stationery set.

Throughout it all you’ll get DIY instructions and templates to help you recreate each item at home, along with tips and inspiration to utilize the techniques in other projects!  Find a location near you and join us in the fun!

Take the technique home: After the class we hope you’ll find inspiration in the everyday things. We love the idea of cutting up Instagram photos and arranging them using techniques that we’ll teach in class.


Favorite PS colors: cement & coral
Favorite PS product:  Graphic Shapes Rubber Stamp Set

Paper Source How-To: Donut Invitation

If you’ve walked by our store windows lately (or checked out our website), you’ve probably noticed that we’re lusting over donuts. Here’s a cute way to take the sweet trend and DIY your own invites.



  • Construct paper donuts according to kit instructions.
  • Download the Donut Invite Template and print onto 8 1/2″ x 11″ Mint Cover.
  • Cut out invites using crop marks provided on PDF.
  • Layer donut of choice over invite so that the printed text is visible through the hole of the donut. Adhere donut in place and trim off excess as shown on How-To PDF.
  • Stamp and emboss invite using rubber stamp.
  • Fill in desired info and pair invite with an A7 envelope.

New Workshop: Making 3-D Spring Cards

We have a new workshop to kick off spring!  Fresh Folds – Spring Card Making takes place nationwide on Thursday, March 20th, 6 – 8 pm.

In this class you will learn simple techniques to add dynamic folds, layers and pop-up elements to 4 cards.  This vibrant collection incorporates our fresh new colors and favorite pattern trends—a perfect way to welcome spring! 

For each project you complete in this class, you will receive the how-to instructions to take home with you so you can do it again on your own.  What makes this class even better is all the ways you can use the techniques for other DIY projects!  You can check out our project inspiration on our Fresh Folds Pinterest board!  And sign up for the workshop today!


Paper Source How-To: Cupid’s Arrow

Ready to get festive this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a how-to on replicating our store windows. Make a cupid’s arrow that’s fun and bright and sure to impress!




  • Download the Templates
  • Use 2 gift wrap tubes to construct each arrow. To stabilize the tubes where they will be joined, add crumpled paper inside a portion of each tube.
  • Tape the 2 tubes together using a strong transparent tape such as packing tape.
  • Cut a piece of text weight paper and wrap it over the point where the 2 tubes meet. As you wrap the tubes, place the seams of the paper on one side of the arrow for appearance. Continue by wrapping desired color of text weight paper around rest of tube.
  • Use various colors of 8 1/2″ x 11″ text weight paper and glitter paper to create stripes on either side of the center band.
  • Create “feather” ends by tracing template onto cover weight paper and layering shapes. Each arrow end requires 4 shapes, 2 on each side.
  • Score shapes using a bone folder and ruler where indicated.
  • Fold shape at score mark and adhere shapes to arrow using super tape on the scored flaps. Create stripes using the same template so the angles of the stripes match the “feather” bases.
  • Tape cone template together and cut out.
  • Trace template on both a piece of colored cover weight paper and gold glitter paper.
  • Fold cover weight shape at score mark and use Super Tape on the flap to wrap and secure cone.
  • Adhere layer of gold glitter paper over constructed cone.
  • Apply Quick Dry adhesive to end of tube and attach cone to decorated arrow.

Paper Source How To: Give Thanks Printable Banner

burlap wreath
Here’s a cute and easy way to remind you and yours of the “reason for the season” this Thanksgiving! It looks great on it’s own, or across individual dinner plates or displayed across one of our burlap wreaths.


  • How To PDF
  • Printable Banner
  • Burlap Wreath (optional)
  • Printer
  • Superfine Softwhite 8 1/2 x 11″ Text
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Cutting Mat
  • Craft Knife
  • Foam Squares

  • Download the Give Thanks Banner PDF and print onto 8 1/2″ x 11″ Superfine Softwhite Text.
  • Cut out banner and ribbon tail strips along the dotted line.
  • Fold sides of banner back approximately 1″ on each side and adhere in place with a foam square.
  • Cut ribbon tail piece in half and position pieces as desired on each end, securing to the back of the banner using foam squares.
  • Using more foam squares, adhere finished banner in place on your wreath, or use as part of your Thanksgiving décor.
  • Fall Wreath Round Up

    Add a little something special to your front door with a festive fall wreath! We love our new Burlap Wreath Kit for a touch of rustic chic. The crisp, geometric leaf shape in a combination of burlap, glitter paper and metallic paper creates amazing volume and texture — perfect for your front door or favorite accent wall.

    Celebrate the beauty of autumn foliage with this gorgeous (and easy to make) Fall Leaf Wreath Kit. We use warm reds, oranges and golds to mimic Mother Nature’s blazing fall colors, but our paper leaves can be used year after year!

    The Mums Wreath Kit brings a softer, elegant touch with voluminous rhubarb, papaya and copper flowers and delicate leaves. This is a great year-round wreath, but is beautifully suited to celebrate the changing seasons as well.

    Want to take your DIY up a notch? Try this Burlap Ribbon Wreath. Add a touch of autumn by swapping in Persimmon ribbon as an accent.

    As usual, we’ve found inspiration for all kinds of variations and DIY projects around the web. These are four of our favorites. You can see more on our Pinterest page.

    From top left, clockwise: Thrifty Decor Chick, Kleinworth & Co., Craftaholics Anonymous, and I Heart Naptime all gave us inspiration!

    You can check all of these out on our Pinterest page!

    How-To: Tissue Pom Pom Garland with Sugar Skulls

    sugar skull craft

    Nothing is as sweet as our Sugar Skulls! Patterned after traditional Mexican Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) decorations, our Sugar Skulls can be found on Paper Source glassware, as masks, in our kits, and more! Today, we bring to you an easy, colorful Sugar Skull Tissue Pom Pom Garland project that will set your Halloween decor apart from all the rest!

    Materials Needed:


      1. Fold a sheet of tissue into fourths length-wise and then into fourths width-wise.
      2. Cut squares of tissue measuring approximately 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″.
      3. Create stacks of 10-12 squares of tissue.
      4. Gently fold the square in half making a small crease to locate the center of the square.
      5. Unfold and staple stack at center point using crease as a guide.
      6. Turn stack over and staple again, perpendicular to the first staple.
      7. Using scissors, cut off each of the four corners of stapled stack.  Repeat steps to create desired number of pom poms.
      8. Thread needle with desired length of Baker’s Twine.
      9. Pierce needle through all layers of one tissue stack near the staple in the center of the bundle.
      10. To keep tissue pom pom from sliding on thread, bring the needle back through the center, over staple, securing pom pom in place.
      11. Continue threading tissue squares onto twine in the same manner.
      12. Gently crumple each stack of tissue to create texture and then separate each layer of tissue carefully, working from the outside towards the center.
      13. Fluff pom poms to schieve desired fullness.

    We added Sugar Skull Masks to the garland for Day of the Dead, but this easy garland can add color to any day!

    Crazy for Canning Jars

    Tall or short, clear or colorful, empty or full, on paper or in person (or even on a tea towel) – we are crazy for canning jars! These classic jars charm us with their endless possibilities. They are, of course, perfect for canning fruits, vegetables and your favorite jelly or salsa – but if you don’t own a jar wrench yet, there are still plenty of way to express your love for canning!

    They make for great storage with our chalkboard stickers or tags.

    jars with labels

    Add a pop of color to your party table with these blue Anniversary Ball jars and bright paper straws.

    jars with straws

    Or make a sweet statement with this ceramic Mason jar and our Mason jar salt shakers as a centerpiece.

    ceramic jars

    W & P Design Company re-purposed Ball Jars for a fresh take on the cocktail shaker. Shake up a refreshing cocktail with the Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker. You can find fun, seasonal cocktail and mocktail recipes on the W & P website or on Instagram for lots of delicious ideas!

    Mason Shaker Infusions

    And if that doesn’t give you enough to work, go to Pinterest for a plethora of easy DIY mixes perfectly presented in mason jars. Here are a few of our favorites.

    jar ideas

    1. Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub from The Idea Room
    2. Hot Cocoa Mix from Domestic Charm
    3. Organic Minestrone Soup from Prep Ahead and Dine In

    For more, check out our Crazy for Canning Pinterest page!

    Paper Source How-To: Chalkboard Pencil Box

    DIY Pencil Case

    Claudia, a member of the Paper Source Design Team, creates many of our terrific kits. Today, she offers up a project that is perfect for back-to-school. Learn to make an extra-special Chalkboard Pencil Box using one of our paper maché boxes.

    Start with the following materials:

  • Dexter Pencil Box
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Teal and White Twill Ribbon
  • Neon Washi Tape Set
  • White Chalk
  • 1″ Poly Brushes
  • Heavy Duty 1/8″ Punch
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Instructions:

    1. Paint top, sides and inside (optional) of pencil box using chalkboard paint and poly brush.  Paint 2-3 coats, allowing box to fully dry in between coats.
    2. Decorate with washi tape as desired.
    3. Use a ruler and pencil to mark the center of the box approximately 1/2″ in from the bottom edge of the lid and on the front side of the box, approximately 1/2″ from the bottom.
    4. Punch holes and thread a length of ribbon through each hole, securing ribbons in place with knots on the inside.
    5. Prior to use, rub the entire surface you will be writing on with chalk.
    6. Wipe off and use chalk to write desired name, message or a design of your own!
    7. Now your custom box is ready to fill with back-to-school goodies!

    With a craft this easy, you can make one for all of your kids. (And maybe the teacher, too.  Who knows?  There may be bonus points awarded!)