Let’s Wrap About Food

Hear that sound?  It’s the sound of recipe books cracking open, their contents ripe for gleaning holiday cookies, cakes and pies for enjoying at home or better yet- sharing with others!

We’ll leave the expert baking (or tasteful selecting) up to you, but where it concerns presentation, we’ve got you all wrapped up.

For small treats, like candy or chocolates, our favor bags are crisp and classy!  Cello bags come in both clear and holiday stripe varieties.  We also have a nearly endless array of paper favor bags that can stamped, embossed and washi-taped to your decorative desire.  Burlap bags are a perennial favorite and all can be ‘darlingly’ addressed to your lucky recipient using baker’s twine and hangtags!

For larger items, gift bags always fit the bill.  Show your friends they truly take the cake (or bread!) with our individual loaf pans.  And for those who would rather drink than dine, a bottle of wine or a special liquor is never out of place under the tree, especially when enrobed in one of our endlessly customizable wine bags.

Of course, as much as we love our bag offerings, not all edibles were made to travel in anything other than a box.  Luckily, we’ve got plenty of answers for you there as well!  Square Favor Boxes and Pillow Favor Boxes dress up easily with satin ribbonKraft boxes  make homemade treats handsome, and with the swift addition of a bit of holiday wrap and ribbon, twine or string, you’ll make your gift the envy of all poor cookies smothered under red plastic wrap on a paper plate.

Let baking be the hard part, because with Paper Source, wrapping it up is easy as pie!

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Continuing our Holiday Gift Guide, here are some ideas for stocking stuffers! The best gifts don’t always come in big packages. Give these ‘small somethings’ in stockings or on their own…they’re sure to make a big impression!


Fun & Silly

Items not shown to scale.


Fun & Useful

  • Survival Credit Card: Be ready for anything with this handy tool that conveniently fits in any wallet. Includes can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, 4-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, saw blade, 2-position wrench, key chain hole and bottle opener. Stainless steel. $4.95
  • Gold Stripe Minimergency Kit: Everything a girl might need for an everyday challenge. Includes everything from hairspray to stain remover to nail polish. $16.95
  • Power Bank Charger: For those unexpected power failures. Contains a mini USB cord and charge adapters for the iPhone 4/4S and 5, and Samsung devices. Store in the colored zipper pouch. $21.95
  • Kate Spade Erasers: Fun erasers with bright pops of color! $14.95
  • 8-in-1 Screwdriver: A handy multi-tool with storage for 8 screw bits. $5.95

Items not shown to scale.


Festive & Yummy

Items not shown to scale.

Holiday Gift Wrap for Every Style

Wrapping is like an art form to some, but it’s easy enough that even a novice can create a masterpiece… and we have wraps, ribbons and adornments to make anyone look like an expert.

Here are some of our favorites for the holidays…

If you’re not sure where to start, we’re featuring our holiday gift wrap in collections this year — making inspiration easy to come by! Our design team grouped many necessities together to make coordinating your packages a painless task.

One of our favorites is the Merry Mistletoe series, which features our Watercolor Mistletoe Wrapping Paper; a classic theme with an updated and modern look.

If you want a sleeker look, check out the ever-popular Sophisticated Classics. The deep colors and classic icons create an elegant story. One of the best things about our wrapping paper is pairing traditional (like our Slate Pine Branch design) with modern (like our Slate Chevron or Red Glitter styles) for a fun yet cohesive look that carries across all your packages.

If you (or Santa!) are looking for ways to save time this year, our gift bag and gift box options offer the same great style you’ll find in our gift wrap and they save you time.

We also have a large assortment of single sheet styles that offer even more ways to personalize and style a package this holiday.

Add a flourish to your gift with decorative ribbon, gift tags, stamps and stickers. Or, pick from our collection of gifts and ornaments to accents your gift. We like the idea of adding one of our whimisical ornaments as a finishing touch. Here are just a few of our suggested pairings.

How will you wrap this year? Share your expert tips or tell us what style will take the stage this holiday.

Holiday Gift Guide


The holiday season is in full swing and we might not be Santa Claus, but we’re pretty sure we’ve got the perfect gift for everyone on your list! Enjoy our top holiday gift picks below, brought to you by our Gift Buyer, Katie Mulligan.


For Her: 

  • Kate Spade Pencil Case: This delightfully chic collection of items make great gifts for anyone who has an affinity for Kate Spade or who appreciates beautiful and bold graphics. I love the idea of using this as a chic clutch! $29.95
  • Chevron Tote Bag: This durable yet chic tote bag is the perfect carry-all bag for any occasion! A stylish gift for women of all ages. $26.95
  • iPhone Covers:  From bold and bright to soft and sweet, to fun and quirky–we have iPhone covers (for iPhone 4 and 5) sure to match any personality! $29.95 and up


For Him:

  • Buff & Shine Shoe Polish Kit: This shoe shine kit is the perfect gift for working Don Drapers men everywhere.  Contains two tins of polish in neutral and black, two brushes each with ‘Looking Buff’ and ‘Rise & Shine’ inscribed, plus cleaning cloth. $25.95
  • Beardo Hat: For the quirky guys in your life! A hilarious way to keep warm this winter! $29.99
  • Fish Flask: Drink like fish…from a fish! A great gift for some who loves to fish or simply appreciates a funny flask. $27.95
  • Guide to American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye: This book is a perfect suggestion for someone interested in how to assess and pair whiskey with delicious foods. Each Whiskey suggestion comes with a large, glossy photo of the bottle and color of the whiskey— making it easy to find at your local store for an at-home tasting! $24.95


For Kids/Teens:

  • Flip Flop Bracelets: These trendy bracelets come in a spectrum of colors, making it easy for your teen to accessorize any outfit.  They also are environmentally conscious – handmade from recycled flip flops in Mali, West Africa! 10 for $9.50
  • Secret Message Writing Set: Let your kiddos practice their espionage skills with this Secret Message Writing Set. Whatever they write with the special pens remains invisible until it’s viewed with the UV “blacklight” in the pen cap. $7.95
  • Light Up Football: This cool 8 inch long foam football has LED glowing light-up strips along the side, making it bright and colorful for night time play! Lights can be turned off and on. Lasts over 24 continuous hours. $19.95
  • Fun Loom KitThe ultimate gift for girls of all ages! This Fun Loom kit allows them to create awesome silicone band bracelets and more and comes with one loom, one hook and 300 loops.  $14.95

For the Cook:

  • iSpoon Stylus: Whether you’re snacking while browsing your next Pinterest recipe or referencing your iPad while you cook, this spoon stylus keeps your gadget mess-free in the kitchen! $8.95
  • Obsessive Chef Cutting Board: Cooking is as much a science as it is an art, and science requires precision. I always watch in awe at my favorite sushi restaurant at the great care the chefs take in cutting their tuna into millimeters thick slices. This cutting board is sure help guide your knife with exacting measurements, precise angles, and handy definitions. Learn just how small a julienne is, and get it right next time! $26.95
  • Rifle Recipe Box: Each box Includes 12 letter-pressed dividers & 24 recipe cards.  For a special touch, handwrite a few of your favorite recipes for the recipient.  I particularly love this as a gift for winter brides! Help the happy couple start off their new adventure with a beautiful recipe box and some treasured recipes to pass from one family to another. $34.95

For the Host/Hostess:

  • Host Wine Aerator: No need to let wine breath for hours! This one-of-a-kind aerator contains a flow meter for dependable aeration levels every time. Covers up to 6 hours of decanting instantly and strains out unwanted sediment. Bring with a bottle of wine for the perfect gift! $39.95
  • Corkcicle Wine Chiller: Keeping wine at just the right temperature is tough for any hostess. Keep wine the perfect temperature with the Corkcicle which won’t dilute! $26.95


Holiday Crafting Contest – Enter Now!

Last month we kicked off our Holiday Crafting Contest (which goes through December 31), and we can’t wait to see what you do!

This year we’re giving out first, second and third place prizes in THREE categories! Wow us with your creative use of Paper Source products in Food Gifting, Gift Wrapping or Card Making (you can enter each category once!). First place in each category gets a $100 Paper Source gift card, and second and third place each get a $50 Paper Source gift card.

Go ahead, dazzle us! Find official rules or enter the Holiday Crafting Contest today!

Wrapped in Design

wrapping paper

Few products unite us more than gift wrap. Our associates could spend hours discovering new ways to style packages, and our customers could recall numerous events that were made memorable by a neatly wrapped gift. And while we continue to share in these discoveries and special moments each day, our designers continue to concept new designs that fuel this fodder and inspire new ideas.

The latest designs are no exception…

gift wrap

Who can resist the retro fun of this Terrarium design. This Paper Source gift wrap style honors the art without the mess!

gift wrap

Delight in donuts all over again with this bold gift wrap style. A great design for sweet little accents, like the tiny bow made from satin ribbon.

custom gifts

It’s the perfect style for the Donuts Note Pad Set.

gift wrap

A customer favorite, the new Prism gift wrap is the perfect staple for your wrapping station. Great for birthday gifts, festive crafts and other celebrations.

iphone case

Enthusiasm for this colorful pixel print inspired our team to create a different kind of wrap — an iPhone case that wraps your smartphone in style! This stylish cover (and other Paper Source exclusive design) will be available this month.

wrapping paper

Flock to your local store for this Feathers wrapping paper design. The mix of feathers and arrows matched with our Paper Source exclusive color palette make this an interesting print for so many occasions.


A fabulous fall accent, our custom address stamp design and Feather Pack Kit offer more ways to adorn your crafts with feather fun.


Still not seeing something you like? Check out our Glasses wrapping paper or our Zebras wrapping paper. Both offer coordinate perfectly with other products, like Paper Source designed stationery, to help you create the perfect gift.

holiday gift wrap

Speaking of gifts, we know some of you are already thinking about the holidays. To help inspire your holiday gift vision, we are now offering holiday gift wrap online. All styles will be available in stores by November, but you early-birds can find it here: http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/giftwrap/holiday-wrapping-paper.html

Happy Wrapping!

A Little (Personalized Stationery) Goes a Long Way

Truth time: One of my least favorite things to do as a child was to write thank you notes (I know, big shocker. Was there ever a child who liked this?). But, like many kids, it was the first to-do after every birthday, Christmas, or any other event where I was gifted something. I even to had a format for my thank you notes!

It went something like this:

A hello message.
A thank you for the gift (where I was told I MUST mention the specific gift).
An explanation of how I might use it or why I liked it.
Then a farewell message.

I had it down to a boring, typical science.

But, everything changed when I was given my first set of personalized stationery. It wasn’t anything fancy, just your standard first name set, but all of a sudden I felt I could put more of a ‘mark’ on the messages I was sending… and that changed everything!

Writing thank you notes suddenly became fun. I got to express myself through my letter, without using more words (win-win!).

And, when it comes to self-expression, Paper Source has fantastic stationery, notepads, and personalized options right now — perfect for letter writers and letter writing occasions.

Here are some of my favorites right now…

Thank You Cards: We’re really into Chalkboard Lettering, and I think the lettering on this thank you card is classic, but the chalkboard technique gives it a little edge. The Neon Pink Letterpress thank yous are a perfect example of being feminine without too over-the-top. And the Pinstripe Thank You Notes make a great everyday addition, and are classic and clean, with pops of color.

These make great gifts for kids and teens! Clockwise from top left: Many Thanks Thank You Notes, Guitar A6 Stationery, and Color Confetti A6 Stationery.

These could be great for kids and teens, but are still good for adults, too! They all have a sense of whimsy, without being too childish, which is usually a must for a discerning child.

Everyday Stationery: This Ostrich Hello set makes me laugh every time I see it. This Feathers set is vibrant and bold, I love all of the colors it has while still being modern. And these Two Elephants seem so sweet–how could you not want to send this to a friend?

Personalized Stationery: I’m so in love with this black and white Chevron Stationery! Such a bold and modern statement, and you can customize the colors if black isn’t your thing! I use washi tape for everything (wrapping gifts, appointments in my planner, labels, etc.) so it makes sense I would love this set of Washi Tape Mixed Notepads. They come in three sizes (only one shown here) per set, and are super cute! And lastly, I love this Stitch Stationery, perfect for a subtle sewing cue in your stationery.

- Jenn

Favorite PS Colors: Slate & Aubergine
Favorite PS Product: Orange & Black Treat Bags (I’m getting excited for Halloween!)

A Mother’s Day Gift Guide From Paper Source

Mother’s Day, the thoughtful time of year that celebrates the loving, creative woman behind all those favorite dishes, birthday wishes and kissed boo boos. If you’re looking for a way to recognize this influential woman, our Mother’s Day Gift Guide features a collection of our most inspired gifts for Mom.

Here are just a few of our favorite gift ideas…

mother's day gifts

Set inside an everlasting Peony Wreath we see one of the many Paper Source exclusive Mother’s Day cards. Adorn any door with a wreath of flowers, or set a pillow on her favorite chair. This charming grain sack pillow is a rustic accent for any couch, bed or boudoir!

tea gifts

Greet the day with a cup of her favorite coffee in her own Mama Bear Mug, or sample some Mom You Are The Best Tea before she begins her day.

kitchen gifts

Set up the kitchen with little surprises! Make her a breakfast with this thoughtful spatula, and clean up the kitchen with the matching sponge and kitchen towel.

box signs

For walls, coffee tables or bedsides, gift one of the many decorative signs available to convey that perfect message, to any Mom in your life.

Sunday, May, 12th is a day to celebrate. Visit our website for a full list of Inspired Gift Ideas for Mom.

Sweet for Spring: New Macarons


Just in time for spring and Valentine’s Day, we’re proud to offer you our Macaron inspired gifts! Tell someone special how sweet they really are with a gift bag full of these sweet goodies.

For you ambitious crafters and cooks, try your hand at baking this season’s yummiest treat with our featured cookbook Le Petite Macarons. These charming French confections are adorable when toted in packages made just for friends and family, and crafted by you.

Take a bite out of our new collection, and be inspired by creamy hints of pastel and chocolate this season. We have everything from kitchen sets to personalized stationary with this delicious confection. Find them online or get inspired on our Macarons Pinterest Board. C’est magnifique!

And remember to share your sweet-inspired ideas with us. Au revoir!